Oleove Gourmet

The extra-virgin olive oil Oleove Gourmet consists of an exclusive selection of olive varieties: Arbequina, Hojiblanca y picual. This combination ensures a complex aroma, both fruity and intense, but at the same time, with a smooth taste and a decent bitterness and a slight spicyness.

This is a high quality extra virgin olive oil with exceptional sensory qualities. Its colors are yellow and green, it is bright and lighting.

Intense fruitiness of fresh, clean and fragrant olive is present in the nose. It also has great olfactory complexity of herbaceous and fruit components such as green apple, avocado or banana and nuts like almonds.

Its entry is sweet in the palate, as a reminder of the olfactory sensations among which the green notes of wheat and almond slightly highlight. It is elegant and well structured, very light in bitterness and presents a progressive spiciness feeling. This is a balanced and persistent oil.