Quality for four generations

Oleove has a strict quality protocol ranging from the single olive tree and the fruit, to the preservation and finally the bottling of the olive oil in the mill. An early harvest of healthy olives is essential to obtain high-quality olive oil. We have studied in depth the optimal timing of maturation in order to get the best possible aroma. As soon as the olives enter the factory, the milling and extraction processes must be performed in a set time frame and under a specific temperature.

Through the latest technology and the unique cold-extraction process, all the healthy ingredients stay intact. After the olive oil has left the centrifuge, it is being tasted, filtered and stored in our warehouse. The stainless steel tanks keep the olive oil in perfect condition until it is filled into bottles. Dark bottles and low temperatures protect the oil from light and damage in order to provide the best product for our customers.

Criteria for unique pleasure


From the time when we were small children, we have learned to love olive oil, not only because of the fact that it is indeed healthy food, but also as a part of our whole lifestyle. The olive tree is and always has been part of our culture and our traditions for numerous generations. Consequently, we have learned to care for one another. These wonderful olive trees are part of a biological environment along with other plants such as oaks, pines, shrubs and aromatic or medicinal herbs that grow there naturally. At the same time we conserve our olive groves and also care for the environment. In our daily routine, we follow the advice of our elders, strive for excellence in our production and always keep our focus on consistency and quality. Our experience helps us to constantly improve to the next level. The story of our four generation long family tradition dates back to the early twentieth century. Back then the daily life consisted mainly of cultivation and gardening in order to provide food. In addition to the fruit of the trees, our ancestors used to plant tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, garlic, saffron, beans, chickpeas, artichokes, onions and potatoes. Near the river grew willows that Grandfather Andrés used to make baskets of. One of them made of olive twigs, can be found today in the museum of the Laguna de Baeza. Aromatic and medicinal herbs that were found around the mountain were used to make ointments and healing oils. At that time, a large coffee machine and a still were used to extract the olive oil from the fruits. Even to this day Andrés still uses the olive oil to treat wounds and as an aftershave.

The over 500 years old cottage has been partly refurbished and offers space for approximately 40 horses. Rumor has it that the cottage used to be an old inn, a place to relax and to take a break for travelers in the sixteenth century. Nearby is a large vaulted wood stove which was used to bake bread for the household and other cottages. Moreover, a well is located in the upper area of the farm. The well still supplies water. Currently, the Oleove factory, where the olive oil is manufactured, filled into bottles and prepared for delivery, is located in Málaga, in the heart of Andalusia. An area surrounded by mountains and the coast line. The mill lies 950m above sea level and offers an impressive view of the entire region. It is equipped with the latest technology in order to guarantee the best hygienic conditions, a high Oleove olive oil revenue through the best possible extraction rate and preservation of quality. In this very same mountain region are the olive trees and the various varieties of Verdial and Hojiblanca located. The Milenarios olive trees can be distinguished by their large logs and their rough surface, which they have gathered in their thousand year old history.

Oleove thereby fulfills all criteria of a premium product and will inevitably be a must-have for every gourmet and every fan of Mediterranean cuisine. Our tradition, the familiar solidarity and the recall of the basic virtues of life – work and food – have secured Oleove a spot among the best olive oils in the world. An olive oil, we are not only confident in, but also proud of.


The production process of our high quality olive oil consists of the following processes:
Milling: a hammer mill smashes olives and passes them through a screen to turn them into an olive paste.
Shaking: the paste is filled into containers that include moving blades. Over a period of time the oil is accumulated.
Horizontal centrifugation: the olive oil is being separated from the remaining mass and the vegetation water.

Vertical centrifugation: the process of the separation of oil and water continues.
Filtering: the oil is passed through a cellulose filter that drains any remaining moisture. Thus, we are able to gain the pure olive oil.
Conservation: the olive oil is stored in stainless steel tanks to protect it from contamination. The optimum storage temperature is decisive in order to protect the oil’s properties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from 100% olive juice. It is naturally extracted. without chemical additives or high temperatures. It is a healthy food that provides many benefits for the body. Extra virgin olive oil contains unsaturated fatty acids and other healthy ingredients such as bisphenol (polyphenol and tocopherol).

  • it contributes the vitamins E, A and D
  • it reduces blood cholesterol levels
  • it contains natural antioxidants that prevent cellular oxidative processes and therefore also the cellular aging process
  • it is nutritious, tasty and easy to digest
  • it reduces the blood sugar level and is therefore beneficial for diabetics
  • it has anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-thrombosis effects
  • it supplies the skin with precious vitamin E

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